Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Batch 3

Finnext Capital - Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator - Startup - Batch 3 - Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium BESC - EPC Blockchain

BESC Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium (EPC Blockchain)

EPC Blockchain aims to empower the general public to invest into Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy projects. Leveraging on the use of blockchain technology, the company will enable investments regardless of quantum to mitigate climate change.


CheQQme (CheQQme Sdn Bhd)

CheQQme is a gamified mobile marketing platform for brick and mortar Retailers, to engage and attract walk-in customers. CheQQme adopt gamification concept on its O2O platform, help achieve a high visit rate.


Ideasparq Robotics

Ideasparq Robotics is an automation company which provides customized robotic solutions for our clients. Our expertise is not only limited to Industrial AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicle), which is our primary product, but we are also continuously developing a range of new products which solve real problems within the manufacturing industry.


Medkad (Medkad Sdn Bhd)

MEDKAD provide automation for companies to efficiently manage their medical benefits.



Touchless is a smart parking system that offers the most affordable and convenient experience.